January 2024 University Catalog with April Addendum

A Message from the President


Constance St. Germain, EdD, JD President Designate, Capella UniversityA Message from the President

Welcome to Capella University!

Whether you chose Capella for its accredited programs, 24/7 availability, or through recommendations, we know your reasons will evolve. In our courserooms, you will discover an active community of engaged learners and faculty. Here, you will contribute your knowledge and experiences while gaining insights from peers across the country and around the globe.
Our learners find that this interaction with top-tier faculty and diverse classmates enhances their skills and inspires them to create an impact in the communities in which they live and work. 

At Capella University, we understand that your success goes beyond the classroom. We offer robust support systems to empower you throughout your journey. Our dedicated advisors will guide you, ensuring you have the resources and assistance needed to thrive. Additionally, designed to provide comprehensive support, our learner-facing services range from technical assistance to library resources and career services. 

This catalog provides a comprehensive overview of Capella University, highlighting our schools, programs, courses, and learner services. However, it cannot capture the true power of the learning experience. At Capella, you will forge strong relationships with faculty, peers, and advisors while engaging in an academically rigorous and rewarding educational program. 

We wish you the best of luck in your studies and in achieving your academic and professional goals. 

Thank you for placing your trust in Capella University. 

Signature of Constance St. Germain, President Designate, Capella University

Constance St. Germain, EdD, JD
President, Capella University