January 2024 University Catalog with April Addendum

COUN5336 Counseling and Advocacy with Diverse Populations

Learners engage with theory, research, and models that inform ethical and culturally competent counseling and social justice advocacy in a variety of settings. Learners analyze counseling theories and evidence-based practices that emphasize the relevance of multicultural counseling and advocacy roles of counselors. Throughout the course, learners investigate cultural assumptions, values, counselor credibility, prejudice, and racism within the counseling context. Learners identify their own overt and covert beliefs, and messages around cultural characteristics to determine how these experiences might influence the counseling process. In addition, learners gain an understanding of the role of the counselor and advocate in promoting social justice at multiple levels.




BS in Psychology Pre-Counseling and Therapy learners require special permission for registration and must have completed PSYC3700 with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.