January 2024 University Catalog with April Addendum

NHS-FPX6004 Healthcare Law and Policy

Learners examine the political, legal, and regulatory issues impacting healthcare organizations and environments. Learners analyze the effects of healthcare policy on health care practice and service delivery, with particular emphasis on the strategies used to monitor and maintain legal and regulatory compliance. Learners also identify and apply healthcare policy and law concepts that promote organizational improvement. Cannot be fulfilled by transfer.

Program Points



NHS-FPX4000 or completion of or concurrent enrollment in NHS-FPX5004. RN-to-MSN Care Coordination, FlexPath option; Nursing Education, FlexPath option; Nursing Informatics, FlexPath option; and Nursing Leadership and Administration, FlexPath option learners must have completed NHS-FPX5004, NURS-FPX5003, NURS-FPX5005, NURS-FPX5007