January 2024 University Catalog with April Addendum

NURS-FPX4900 Capstone Project for Nursing

The capstone course is the culmination of the BSN degree program and provides learners the opportunity to demonstrate the competencies they have gained during their program. Learners integrate new knowledge from the literature into practice via direct practicum hours in a patient, family, or group setting to demonstrate proficiency and create high-quality deliverables to apply in future practice. In the capstone experience, learners also further apply their knowledge of the program outcomes. For BSN, FlexPath option learners only. Must be taken during the learner's final quarter. Cannot be fulfilled by transfer or credit for prior learning.

Program Points



NURS-FPX4010, NURS-FPX4020, NURS-FPX4030, NURS-FPX4040, NURS-FPX4050, and completion of or concurrent registration in NURS-FPX4060.